Created by Clara Pasteau (WEB) & Melisa Zaimović

Both graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Graphic Design department 2018 & 2017, Amsterdam (NL)

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'The Story'

Melisa wanted to create a website that would use the tools and possibilities offered from coding and web design to curate work made by other people, regardless of the status of their practice. The web design and the content would together offer something that’s new and interesting to go through for the viewer, for each issue. A positive approach to advertisements would exist, where it’s seen as something beautiful or inspiring.

She wanted to work with someone who would understand the playful concept and who has a similar approach to design and communication like herself. Clara was getting tired of working with web templates and was eager to use her knowledge in coding and the corporate web industry for something more intriguing. She was keen on challenging her skills with an open mindset and to realise Clarisa together.
- Clarisa works just like an exhibition or a fashion collection that’s been created with care to be presented and available for a certain amount of time.

- The website will be completely redesigned for each issue with new content and new navigation.

- Each issue will consist of a number of artists with their work presented, as well as links that lead to other interesting places.

- There’s space for simply nice and inspiring content that doesn't need to be related to a specific practice of yours.

- We also advertise brands, events etc.

- The aim is to present content and artists that come from all over the world and are varied.

- If you’re interested in being featured in the next issue, write us!

Clarisa wants to keep you and herself curious on:
“What will be shown in the coming issue and how will it be presented?
What will the website look like this time?”

We also welcome financial support. Last donations have helped us pay for the domain so far, which we are very thankful for -Thank you so much!

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