How do you develop your knitwear, do you have any special references?

When I start a new piece, I always ask myself the same question: what do you want to wear? What do you want to express right now? It is inconceivable for me to make things that I will not wear. Then I ask myself about the technique and the composition of the colors according to the stock of material that I have. For references, they are extremely diverse, between painting, sculpture but also a lot of cinema and obviously the 70’s.

I like to think that once the pieces are finished, they also work very well in a disembodied way. That they don't necessarily need a body to come to life or exist. Each piece is a character, which when worn, develops a relationship and communicates with the person wearing it.

Are you currently developing or working on something new?

I work every month on new pieces, so I am constantly working, I need it, it's my little therapy. It's like drawing or music, but it takes a little longer so you have to accept that you can't go any faster. Often I start with a fairly precise idea but the slowness of the exercise brings you new thoughts so the final result is surprising and always satisfying.
DIE BLUME, the first collection made in 2017 during my master’s degree at the School of Fine Arts, for/after the multiple interpretations of the German actress Margit Carstensen in the cinematographic work of the director Rainer Werner Fassbinder precedes thus TRANSI.

TRANSI is a collection born during the confinement, in my living room. It is a collection of recycled knits, entirely handmade.

Every month, new unique pieces are put on sale on my Instagram.
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