Chloé Delchini IGWEB
Can you please explain how the process of designing the logo for Clarisa came to be?

We have this with smells, right? That they make us feel safe, unstable, unarmed, or light, clean, sober. I had in mind that Clarisa could be two (and more) at once, that it could be dizzy and sleek, that it could feel awkward in both those distinct states.

I feel like Clarisa says: I don't know what cool is; I don't know what clumsy means.

Shapes are a bit like smells, they bend towards a color, they change in context, they guide or they follow. I like to think that two things compared with each others do not create binary comparison, but that they create tension and nuances, and that shapes cannot be opposite of one another, they simply dialog!

Two sides of the same coin, as they say.
Clarisa’s logo will be drawn by someone new for each issue. If you’re interested in doing so, write us at and in the subject field write: Logo

Everyone is welcome to design.