Justine Fabre IG
Directed by: Justine Fabre
Year: 2019
Running Time: 23’44

Along Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle’s path, a young woman paces a rough landscape. While trying to abandon herself in effort she meets Mari.

_ZINEBI International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao, ES
_Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, IL
_Festival du Film de Cabourg, FR (10-14.06.2020)
_Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, NL (1-5.04.2020)
What is it within the film medium that draws you to create work?

I would say that cinema is the art that is the closest to life and I try to understand it. What I like about cinema is the honesty of its art. You can't lie with it. I think I do it primarily for the truth and also out of anger. I have a lot of interest in the documentary.

It allows you to find your own language, sometimes awkward, silent and contradictory. I like the idea that cinema is "trying to make a film", and not doing a movie. In the essay there is a certain humility, it's like a big question mark that we try to draw as best as possible and also I hate finished things. It’s an art that escapes us, we can’t possess it because it’s moving. I also believe that the cinema manages to approach the invisible, there is something mystical with it.
Are you currently developing or working on something new?

I'm working on two films that come together. Both in the Basque country, a territory that I want to deepen and which inspires me sensuality and excitement. These two films are with women. It’s about language and desire. I have a lot of trouble filming men, it's not against them but it doesn't interest me, I can't do it. Maybe one day. It is not a political will, it is in me. I work on a community of women and I think it feels good to see women together.

I like the idea of the collective because once again it is a question of humility and generosity. I don't want to talk about little psychological problems. We need the collective more than anything. I think we're tired of seeing little individual stories. Woody Allen's films for example, let's stop psychoanalyst films written on a couch.