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Quentin is presenting on this page Rose Feu, a movie he shot in 2020. He is currently working on his new film Le Bal des Folles.
Which part of the process of creating a film is most interesting vs. the hardest for you?

I think there are several interesting moments in the process of making a film. In the case of Le Bal des Folles, which I have just shot, it was three years from the time I started imagining scenes for the film until now. At first, I write. I noticed that often the writing of a scene comes from a place I discover, from a piece of clothing I come across, or from an image found on the internet or elsewhere. I think that this moment of writing is very interesting. Then, everything that has to do with the set, the costumes, and the direction of the actresses in short, the artistic direction, is also very important for me.

In fact, the hardest thing is to confront reality. That is to say, to go from an idea to what it is possible to do with it. I'm talking about money: In the cinema, the economy directs the aesthetics (Jean Renoir?). The hardest part of making a film is the production process: trying to find funds, adapting your ideas to the financial means actually obtained, planning and organising the shooting, recruiting technical and artistic personnel, dealing with the personalities of each person, managing the administrative part... This is also what occupies most of my time today.
Are you currently developing or working on something new?

At the moment, I'm just starting post-production on Le Bal des Folles. The film will be released next spring. Before that, I have to do the editing, the post-synchronisation of the actresses' voices, the colour grading, the mixing, the titling.

I have a new idea, though. I would like to make a documentary on the Atlas cinema. It's one of the last erotic-porn cinemas in the Pigalle district of Paris where transvestites and men meet, flirt and fuck. The idea came to me while reading and following a forum on which they meet and write about their daily experiences.

When you hover on this page you can see Quentin's 3D sketches of the scenography and decor from Le Bal des Folles, the moodboard and some stills from the film.

All the pictures from the film Le Bal des Folles were taken by Clara Lemercier.